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Lakeshore Glass carries Ply-Gem Windows, available in custom sizes, white or almond frames, double-pane or triple-pane.  These windows have an excellent warranty.  They are made of new-generation vinyl, manufactured with pinch fusion welding to maintain strength over the years. Durable and high-performing, these windows will protect your view and keep you warm. 

Replacement Glass

When a window breaks, you want good quick service. Our professionals work swiftly, safely and cleanly to replace glass in your home. Call Lakeshore Glass for replacement thermal units, manufactured weekly at our shop in Homer. We supply both regular insulated glass and low-e glass with argon gas in the air space for a higher insulating value.

Call with a size and we can estimate the cost of a replacement job over the phone. All labor quotes are estimate only.

Replacement Glass

Sometimes you just want pretty glass in a cabinet door.  We have sample of decorative glass in our showroom.  We cut to size and can silicone the glass in place for you. Come see what a piece of delta frost or some seeded glass will do for your decorating style.

 Decorative Glass

Plexiglas is an acrylic product available in stock at Lakeshore Glass in 1/8 and ¼ inch thicknesses. Special colors are available to order. We cut Plexiglas for you, and sell it by the 4' X 8' sheet.

Lexan is a polycarbonate product widely used in boat windows, although its uses are endless. It is virtually unbreakable. Available in several thicknesses, lexan (polycarbonate) is also available with a scratch-resistant coating, and in gray with a scratch-resistant coating. Lakeshore Glass can also order greenhouse lexan for roofing.

Keep the bugs out with window screens that really fit. We build to order! Replacement screen installed, even in large door screens. Just a few holes in a perfectly good screen frame?  Bring it in for a quick, economical fix. Whole house need screens? We also measure and install.

We order tempered glass from Seattle in custom sizes and shapes.  Tempered glass is strong.  When it breaks it crumbles into small bits, a safety feature.  Door glass is usually tempered, although laminated glass is also used.  Protect yourself and your loved ones by using safety glass in doors, beside doors and in windows closer than 18 inches from the floor.

Lakeshore Glass installs glass railing, powder-coated aluminum posts with tempered glass. See the view! Get out of the wind! Call for estimates.

 Tempered Glass

We cut laminated safety glass to pattern for boats and heavy equipment, and for any use where safety glass is a requirement.

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